What We Do:

As a tax-exempt public charity, Vessels International reaches out to women and children around the world by connecting with communities and existing, licensed facilities of like mind and goals serving our target communities. We consider our organization a learning organization, as we seek to create independence from foreign aid, not perpetual dependence upon outside aid.

Please browse through our Current Projects section to discover how you can contribute with little or with much—we all can do something, whether large or small—to assist these women and children in their educational, creative, and nutritional development.

When you support Vessels, you support a larger network of fledgling organizations around the world–all of them capable of growth, development, and sustainable self-sufficiency over the long-term.

With your help, we can also ‘mentor’ an organization until it becomes a mentor for more NGOs, and the ‘pay it forward’ process continues.

Where We Work:

Annually, we will attempt to establish projects in specified target nations, via assessment visits.

While on the ground, we will sow of ourselves into these nations, assess the needs in each locale, formulate strategies for supplying needs through local community networks and NGO affiliates, and forge valuable in-country relationships with national leaders—securing aid for years to come.

Jordan: The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has long been on the hearts of two of our board members, and has captured the compassion of our entire organization. Long before the conflict arose in Syria, we had already established roots into service work in the nation, within Jordanian and Filipina communities. We are committed to supporting Jordan through the largest global crisis of our time, affecting the very dignity of humankind.

Our current community work in Zarqa and Marqa involves finding ways to empower Jordanians, Iraqis, and Syrians to become self-sufficient and grow in well-being on a household and larger community level.

We are also working alongside veteran organizations, following their lead, in finding strategic projects in which to contribute our limited resources and knowledge. For three years we have been sending donations of art supplies and sports equipment to Jordan, from Columbia, Missouri–through our Creativessels Program–which promotes psychosocial support through recreation and arts enrichment for youth. These supplies are being distributed, by affiliates, to Jordanian and Syrian youth in the Azraq area. We are glad to augment the larger effort of the international community in tackling the largest global crisis of our time. We are committed for the long-haul.

Uganda: In 2007, we began supporting Grace House in Lungujja. We have since worked towards a self-sufficiency model for the home, in which the livestock and garden projects now contribute to sustainable income for the residents. In 2014, we have begun to transition away from the sponsorship into project-based programs which augment their revenue, long-term, thus reducing their dependency on outside aid.

Emerging Areas of Impact:

Nepal: In 2010, we made our first visit to Nawalparasi District, Chandanwadi and Pokhara area. We provided awareness workshops for microfinance and awareness of human trafficking in the mountain areas. Following the recent earthquake, we have been actively fundraising to support the recovery process through local affiliates with whom we have established long-term ties through in-depth negotiation.