The use of creative arts is an important tool used to address various social issues—such as peace negotiation, disease, hygiene, gender relations, emotional, mental, and spiritual growth.  This department utilizes art enrichment and creative educational methods, to reach distressed youth and women who reside in poverty-stricken and conflict-ridden nations.

Overview of Proposed Projects:

We will pursue the following areas of discipline, using skilled art teams, and licensed counselors to follow-up after the art enrichment and education sessions have been completed:

  • drama/theatre
  • movement: mobilization/dance/sports
  • music
  • ceramics: pottery and sculpture
  • painting
  • children’s play
  • creative writing

In concert with SoundVessels, emphasis will be given to signed dramas, signed musical presentations, art projects for the Blind, and assisted art enrichment programs for the aged/elderly–as part of our SoundVessels program support.