SoundVessels Department:

1. Director needed

Minimum Requirements:

-ASL certification

-2/3 years experience interpreting for the Deaf

-Management experience preferred

-Instructional experience would be a plus.

-Working knowledge of US-based networks for recruiting hearing impaired volunteers to serve on subcommittees.


Job Description:


* Liaison to the all VI departments, where overlap exists, esp. to Vessels+ (see below).

* Appoint, assemble and direct sub-committees capable of carrying out the mission of this dept.

* Network with physicians and hospitals to create a database of potential Traveling Vessels.

* Facilitate outreach plans for recruitment of fluent ASL volunteers into subcommittees.

* He/She must embrace all of the tenets of the parent organization’s mission and adhere to the vision of this department, without alteration or personal interpretation.

* Encourage and enlist financial support for SoundVessels in the following general ways:


* assist in outlining and approving a general event-planning concept in cooperation with the Event Committee
* augment VI fund-raising efforts by reviewing and writing grants for medical-related funding
* spread the word to individuals in their sphere of influence, preferably in conjunction with established NGOs
* attend and speak at fund-raising events, where he/she shall describe the purpose of this department, present successes, outline immediate needs, and promote its goals
* This director will not be required to arrange or plan fund-raising activities; however, he/she should contribute reports outlining specific project needs and funding proposals required in order to meet departmental goals, in a timely and responsible manner.


as liaison to Vessels+ :


• Identify and assess needs of disabled orphans, overseas and on Native American Reservations.

* Utilize local, national, and regional advisors, to discern innovative methods of supporting grassroots facilities which assist the hearing impaired, but are currently in need of expansion.

* Work with local staff to create a comprehensive vision plan which addresses village mobility needs.

* Promote the physical needs of Vessels+, with regard to procurement of medical equipment and/or donated medical supplies for SoundVessels recipients.  Examples include: wheelchairs, hearing aids, crutches, and walkers.

* Coordinate with V+ Co-Directors, to oversee the arrangement of combined trips.

* Receive advice and answer to “Traveling Vessels” Director, with regard to applications and the travel arrangements.

* If necessary, establishes a sub-committee which includes recruited physicians and nurses, for clinic support and workshops overseas–under the direction/advice of the V+ Medical Coordinator.

* Creates strong links with travel agent firms; obtains discounted rates for medical teams.

* Introduces and negotiates partnerships with outside NGOs to accomplish the goals of said department—rather than reinventing the wheel.

* Said director shall accompany and direct SoundVessels Teams during overseas assessments and projects.