The health and social welfare department is tasked with provision of medicine, health screenings, surgeries, and augmenting nutrition.  Teams of medical specialists will be invited to participate in medical camps and support fledgling medical clinics as they become established, viable places of healing for their communities.  This department also emphasizes the needs of disabled populations—particularly individuals left behind due to hearing and sight impairment, as well as those “hidden in the back room” of their society, due to immobility.

Overview of Proposed Projects:

  • Identifies medical needs (including water purification, wheelchairs, medicine, food staples, hygiene goods, vitamins, vaccines, etc.) and secures resources, or facilitates the assistance of an external partner NGO, to address the need.
  • Women’s Health and Nutrition Seminars (overlaps with Creativessels Drama Committee)
  • Secures support for fledgling clinics, including start-up initiatives, renovations, temporary, maternal, mobile, and stationary clinics.
  • Orphan nutritional sponsorship food program in concert with ViSanctuary Dept.
  • Dental screenings and cleanings for ViSanctuary Shelters (Dental Teams).
  • Vessels+ Clinic Coordinators work with selected partner organizations to support through medical personnel and donated supplies.