The Microfinance programs of Vessels Int’l shall not use a model of “investment charity.”  These programs shall specifically identify, establish and/or foster existing, start-up micro-enterprise cooperatives—in support of female-focal self-sufficiency programs.  In so doing, the programs shall require training, for all recipients of loans, in areas of business development and management to these enterprises. Funding shall be provided in the form of micro loans—to business enterprises, in the interests of women who have developed solid business plans and sound management skills.

Overview of Proposed Projects:

  • Retail Model shall adhere to the principles of fair trade. Fair Trade Committee (works with suppliers to identify store needs and ensure imports reach retailers) Fair trade sales increase economic stability of artisans.
  • Loans may support the following enterprises: mobile phone booths, tailoring/sewing, weaving, handicrafts, carving, writing, baking, soap-making, etc.
  • Overlaps with ViSanctuary to promote vocational & business classes, such as IT training.
  • Overlaps with Chartered Vessels to provide relevant & consumer-friendly fashion designs for jewelry and clothing accessories, as fashion students become involved in service. Whenever possible, student interns will teach women’s cooperatives to utilize repurposed materials.
    • Overlaps with AgroVessels to accomplish these microcredit initiatives:
      • recycling and waste management
      • agroforestry initiatives
      • livestock procurement
      • community gardens for ViSanctuary Shelters