Supports (and intends to eventually establish) intergenerational homes for at-risk women and children. Monthly sponsorship plans provide crucial assistance to burgeoning shelters, on an agreement that sponsorship shall lead to self-sufficiency and will not continue indefinitely.  ViSanctuary also provides donations, such as clothing, hygiene, and heating or cooking fuel.  Included in its mission is a transformation component for discarded, abused, and trafficked individuals.  Finally, the over-arcing literacy component of this department augments educational and vocational training programs.

Overview of Proposed Projects:

Supports intergenerational sanctuaries, including, but not limited, to these descriptions:

  • Womens’ Sanctuaries for domestically-abused and abandoned women, including:
    • elderly widows
    • transitional shelters for victims of human trafficking (sex trade)
    • discarded daughters
  • Homes for the blind, hearing impaired, physically challenged, and developmentally disabled
  • Orphanages
  • Rehabilitated disaster areas: rebuilding homes and providing temporary shelters
  • Chartered Vessels will work with ViSanctuary, to support:
    • Study Abroad Programs (volunteers from universities)
    • Vocational training programs for Women’s Cooperatives, in concert with MicroVessels.
    • Computer  literacy (ie. computer labs and “E-Pal” correspondence)
    • Eco-stewardship and eco-mentorship teams (through AgroVessels & ViSanctuary Programs) will teach women and children innovative techniques in waste composting and recycling (ie. Use of repurposed materials to create handi-crafts for sale through MicroVessels Fair Trade agreement).