Chartered Vessels

Departmental Vision: Create a direct link between campus societies and global service needs.  Connect extracurricular clubs with a larger non-profit network, in order to raise awareness.  Mobilize high school and college students to make a difference. Establish partnerships with institutions of higher learning to hold drives for the following items: clothing, shoes, soap, nutritional supplements, eyeglasses, books, school supplies, etc. Campus Arms liaisons will secure student support in various areas of study, recognizing that everyone is equipped to utilize their gifts in service in some unique way.  Vessels International intends to provide internships through CampusArms, by customizing domestic and study abroad projects for promising world-changers. Campus Arms encourages students to volunteer, whatever their area of study or interest level.

In addition, this department recognizes the importance of communicating with campus partners via diverse modes of technology.  We seek to use film, e-mail, electronic invitations, family-friendly networking sites, text messaging, and other forms of web-based marketing to spread the word, mobilize support, and provide exceptional coverage of events.

Chartered Vessels Chapters

Vessels International strives to empower the talent and expertise of high school and college students, to accomplish a larger global mission.  This innovative department of Vessels fosters an international service link at the campus-level.  In partnering with higher-learning, extracurricular societies, Chartered Vessels customizes service projects to suit a particular club’s expertise and service goals.  This symbiotic relationship provides an open conduit between the two organizations and empowers students to pursue international service goals. We envision a united society of service-oriented students, banding together to “pay it forward,” employing the VI Charitable Database to locate unique annual service projects.  This tremendous opportunity promises to propel concerned individuals into an internationally-aware environment, equipping campus groups across the nation to identify and meet pressing humanitarian needs at the heart of Vessels’ mission.

Overview of Proposed Projects:

  • Create a direct link between college and high school societies to global service needs.
  • Establish chapters of Chartered Vessels.  Suggested constitution and non-discrimination policy have been drafted for submission to SGA departments on campuses of higher learning.)

Leading the way:

  1. Sigma Tau Delta Society, Stephens College, Columbia, Missouri
  2. Stephens Chartered Vessels: established and approved in Feb. 2010.
  3. Alma de-Arte High School, New Mexico, is also a recent contributing society
  4. MU Chartered Vessels: establish in fall 2010
  • Partnerships with institutions of higher learning shall produce on-going donation drives:
    • clothing
    • shoes
    • soap/jello
    • vitamins
    • eyeglasses
    • art & school supplies
  • Link with extracurricular clubs to hold events.
  • Work to offset the effects of human trafficking.  Our goal is to seek restoration and economic self-sufficiency for the victims.
  • Internships for credit.
  • Mobilize student volunteers and fund-raising for select VI projects (database).