Which program fulfills your heart to give?

Creativessels Program

Location of Project(s): Decatur, Illinois; Northern Jordan and Amman, Jordan; as well as Beqa’a (Beka’a) Valley, Lebanon

Multiple recipients of aid: 1.) displaced, impoverished and traumatized children in the above locales ; 2.) displaced domestic workers from the Philippines, some of whom are living in a temporary holding facility and other who only have access to support through church-based fellowship.

Donations needed: used and new sports equipment and art supplies of all kinds.

-Used soccer balls, kick balls, and soft balls welcome.

-We can also use gently used sports uniforms (children’s sizes), soccer goals, and cleats.

-Art supplies of any kind, such as crayons, watercolor palettes, glitter, markers, pastels, and construction paper are most useful. We can also use remnants of vibrantly colored crochet thread/string and ribbon.

Progress of Project: In past years, the Creativessels Program has contributed, in limited fashion, to art and sports enrichment of children in India, Rwanda, and Haiti.  In 2013, we consolidated our target nations for this effort. We have now designated a city in Illinois as a place of need, on the streets of Decatur, in a low-income housing neighborhood where one of our board members has begun to offer recreational activities for children as a “porch ministry.”

Through our esteemed partner organizations in Jordan, we anticipate sending another Creativessels donation, during summer 2014, to 1.) a preschool/kindergarten in Northern Jordan, 2.) to women living at a shelter for displaced, female domestic workers in Amman, Jordan; 3.) a Christian Fellowship House established for victimized women to gather, build, and restore community.

Why art supplies and sports equipment?

For children: Critical emotional support needs remain a daunting task inside of and directly surrounding Syrian refugee camps, in some of the poorest areas of the nation, where displaced children often have limited or absolutely no educational access to a school or community center.  Few recreational areas exist in which to play safely and limited team-building activities exist in which to build self-esteem and address common issues of trauma caused by displacement.

Sports and art enrichment allows children to engage in recreational play activities that stimulate emotional restoration and healing as well as boost their social ties to community.  Children need to belong and be allowed to be kids!  When articulating their pain and anxiety remains temporarily impossible through words, art and sports allows children to be children and explore their feelings in a constructive, secure, and healthy environment.

For adults, reflection and exploration through art can offer a creative and enriching outlet for emotional distress.  Through art enrichment, Creativessels Program offers a constructive activity in which to release pain safely or simply engage in a healthy form of expression among peers.  Many overseas domestic workers in Jordan remain greatly restricted in their activities, due to their legal status in the nation; although they rarely leave their place of work and some are restricted to a facility until deported, we celebrate their resilience.  In spite of their pain, these women have a lovely ability to celebrate life through art; these art supplies bring a little bit of recreation and cohesion to their small Filipina community in the nation of Jordan.

ViSanctuary Program

Location: Grace House in Lungujja, Uganda

The home is small, and set in the traditional style;  yet, it is operated by a licensed local non-profit organization and adheres to local laws in caring for these children, who are considered under official “orphaned” status. Nevertheless, some of the kids at Grace House were simply abandoned by relatives and no longer have contact with their biological parents.  The nation of Uganda has declared each one of them orphaned, under the official custody of the directors at Grace House.

Recipients of aid: 8 children living in a cottage-style, traditional Ugandan home with adoptive parents.

Monthly Total: $292-300 USD total/month.

AgroVessels Program

Location: Uganda and Haiti

1. Donate Livestock

  • Rabbits and Cages
  • Goats

2. Fund a community garden; donate natural, heirloom, and non-GMO seeds.

3. Donate native trees to promote reforestation and erosion control in a community.

AgroVessels’ efforts promote food sovereignty of small communities, augment erosion control, and even promote natural pest control.  Past projects of the AgroVessels Program have included gifting two goats to Grace House and several rabbits to shelters: Grace House (Uganda) and Home of Love (India).

In 2015, we would like to sponsor a new garden for a village in Uganda, and plant several fruit-bearing trees as income-generating activities.  Please let us know if you would like to be a part of this effort.

Chartered Vessels Program

Are you a student who wants to serve?  We’ll help you start a campus project.

Invite us to speak to an existing campus organization, sorority, or fraternity, and fulfill your annual service goals!

MicroVessels Program

Location: your donation will promote interest-free community financing in East and West Africa

Recipients: trained female entrepreneurs, from the age of 18 and up, screened by a licensed community association vetted by Vessels.

Total donation amount: $30 per microloan

Reason: women have limited access to credit in many nations. Fund a seed loan for one woman or twenty; you decide. The loan will be repaid and recycle within a community-run fund; it is a gift that keeps on giving.